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Playa Migjorn

Formenteras longest natural beach

This ca. 6.5 km long, gently sloping natural beach is not only the longest but also one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of the island. It stretches almost over the entire south coast of Formentera and therefore entices to extended walks on the beach. Again and again smaller rocks form remote sections and intimate bays where you can find a secluded and cosy place for sunbathing even in midsummer.
The fine sand and crystal clear water with its mostly calm waves emanates pleasant harmony. On the „Beach of the South Wind“ there is no dress code; everyone can move around as he or she likes. Depending on the season and the ocean currents the wind may sometimes wash ashore seaweed from the submarine fields of the sea but this is completely harmless.

Here you will find Playa Migjorn